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eCommerce Kids Institute 
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3 Benefits of Being A Teen Entrepreneur
Posted by: Eddie Traughber, MS, LMFT | May 18, 2018
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We typically think of entrepreneurs as middle-aged people who quit their jobs and start a new company to get out of the rat race or a young professional in their 20’s or 30’s with a new tech startup company. 

 But the world is changing, and we are seeing a new trend of young people, teens and even preteens, entering the business world and building a name of themselves. 

 Some of these “kids” are proving that they have what it takes to make it big. Aside from making money, there are some massive potential benefits they can gain from being involved these ventures.  
  Opportunity to improve their communication skills
Running a business means that these teen entrepreneurs need to interact with customers, suppliers, manufacturers, CPAs, attorneys, and a whole list of others who help them accomplish their goals. This kind of interaction requires a firm grasp of how the adult world works and it provides opportunities for them to grow and develop healthy, mature communication skills.
  Opportunity to learn how to handle failure and not let it defeat them
Being an Entrepreneur is tough. They have to learn how to cope with rejection and failure because it is inevitably going to happen in the journey to building a business. Resilience and endurance are vital traits which are helpful in becoming healthy adults. For these teens failure is not seen as a defeat but as a learning opportunity and a chance to improve themselves and their plans.
  Learning to think like a business owner rather than an employee
Starting and running a small business requires thinking outside the box, advanced planning, and envisioning what doesn’t already exist and making it a reality. Learning to think this way is a benefit that will impact these teen small business owners on every area of their lives. Schools today are geared toward helping our kids be good employees and not entrepreneurs. In school they are taught to show up on time, follow someone else’s rules, do their own work, and get rewarded like everyone else for their behavior by getting grades. These are not bad lessons to learn, we need good employees in the world. However, entrepreneurs follow a different set of rules. They create their own schedules, redefine the rules or create their own rules, outsource and collaborate when it fits their needs, and they risk everything to potentially have huge rewards. 
These are all lessons that kid entrepreneurs must learn on their own or from some other avenue than traditional education. Hands on experience in running a small business opens their minds to a new world of possibilities. 

As more teen entrepreneurs enter the world of commerce they are helping reshape our ideas of what can be expected from young people. Their involvement is also changing who they are in some remarkable ways including improving their interpersonal relationship skills, helping them learn how to handle failure in constructive ways, and learning a whole new way of thinking that will open doors for them in the future.
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