Start a FUN+SIMPLE ecommerce Business
Amazon Fundamentals 1.0
Let your Teen/Pre-Teen discover Entrepreneurship by learning AND implementing how to build a profitable ecommerce business.
CALLING ALL PARENTS with Teens / Pre-Teens!
Take ACTION in just A Few Days! Become a HYBRID SELLER on Amazon using the fundamentals of successful business models in Arbitrage and Wholesale
Over the past 3 years, this Million-Dollar selling family - Monica Busby (Momma Head Honcho), with husband, Johnny Busby (Chief Steward), and our 15-year-old son, Jarel Busby (Jr Steward) have taught hundreds of Teens/PreTeens and their families how to start and grow their own successful Amazon businesses. Now, the Busby Family along with their Rock-Star team of eCommerce Kids Growth Coaches, are opening their doors to share step-by-step tools and strategies to start your family’s own Amazon business in less than 3 Days!
No Experience Necessary!  Just Bring HUSTLE + Positive Attitude!
Presented by Million-Dollar Selling Family, The Busbys!
With your HOST, #CyclingCEO and Momma Head Honcho, Monica Busby!
Module 1 - BASICs and PreBASICs of an eCommerce Amazon Start-Up!
In this lesson, we will go over understanding ecommerce + Amazon business terminology, etiquette, set-up, and how the world is shaped by entrepreneurs! Yes, Entrepreneurs are just as if not, more important than Politicians, Pulitzer Prize-winning Scientists/Inventors, and even Doctors. Entrepreneurs can TRULY make a difference too!
module 2 - Take ACTION NOW with a step-by-step guide to getting started!
John and I invested $120 for Jarel to purchase a few toys and sell them on After 3 months and working only 5 hours a week, he turned that $120 investment into $3,300 in revenue in 30 days! Not too shabby for a 12-year-old at the time! FIRST STEP, we will learn the list of “TOOLS” of the trade that will provide shortcuts to the trends and information we need to purchase products wisely. Let’s do this!
Module 3 - A Brand is our BFF (Brand Friend Forever)!!
Learn to find Brands and build that FOREVER relationship! Seriously, invite them to your home. What will you do when they are a guest? How will you treat them? All you need is a SMILE, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, and our SECRET pep talk to land that BFF and start selling their products in no time! Woohoo!
Is your Teen/Pre-Teen READY to become a MASSIVE ACHIEVER in business??!!
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